Hydraforce Standard Kit (pump not included)

£120.00 (Inc VAT)

This kit will fit

The Standard kit will fit exhausts that match the dimensions in the pictures below.

Exhausts with these dimensions are commonly found on:

  • KTM EXC/SX/XC 200cc, 250cc and 300cc 
  • Husqvarna TE/TC 250cc and 300cc
  • Beta RR 250cc and 300cc

Please check your exhaust matches the dimensions shown on the pictures before you purchase.

Watch the video to see how it works

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The Hydraforce blow out kit is a precision engineered tool, designed to seal each end of your exhaust under high pressure. It is machined in the UK from brass and carbon steel. The kit is designed to be used with a hand pressure test pump (A tool a plumber would use to test pipework). 

Buying the kit without the pump could be the best option for you if you have your own pump, or the extra cost of shipping a pump to your country is more than it would cost for you to buy one.

Pump Guide

The pumps we supply with our other kits are a budget pump (made in China) rated at 40 bar and have a female M14 x 1.5mm fitting on the end of the flexible hose. A quality / branded pressure test pump will hold pressure for a period of time, to check for pressure drop / leaks in pipework. This is not necessary to do this job so a cheap pump will be fine, as long as it works.

Pump to kit Fitting

The flexible hose from the pump will need to fit straight onto the kit, there is not enough room for more fittings/adapters.

The pump that we supply with our other kit has a M14 x 1.5 female fitting on the end of the hose. Many other pumps have a female 1/2 inch BSP fitting on the end of the hose. The kit comes with either the option of a male M14 fitting (for the pumps like the ones we supply) or a male 1/2 inch BSP fitting ( for other pumps ) 


Pumps in America are likely to have a female NPT (national pipe taper) or NPS (national pipe straight) fitting.   I have seen some pumps advertised in the USA with a female 1/2 inch NPT fitting but with a flat face rubber seal. Given that NPT (a taper thread) should seal on the thread itself, i am not sure these pumps are advertised correctly.  Any feedback appreciated, I don’t want to create an option for you that’s wrong.


The kit includes 

  • 50mm fitting for the barrel end
  • 30mm fitting for the silencer end
  • 40mm spanner
  • O rings and spare O rings

You Will need

  • Pressure test pump
  • 10mm Spanner or socket
  • 22mm Spanner
  • 27mm Spanner or socket
  • Soft head mallet



High pressure can be very dangerous and cause serious injury or death. This tool should only be used by a competent person and they do so at their own risk, keep children away whilst this tool is in use. The manufacturer or suppliers of this tool do not take responsibility of any accident or injury.


Compressed air is like a compressed spring, when it is released things can fly off at high speed. You can not compress water so it is safe providing all the air is removed from the system.



Additional information

Pump Connection



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